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Why dont they teach you about finances in high school?

Like managing your money and tips on saving. I mean some of them history lessons weren’t even necessary really. Someone please explain to me why Cleopatra being pharoah in Ancient Egypt at ~100BC is more important than me being broke in 2012 (im not broke anymore)?

They wouldn’t even have to teach that throughout your entire high school career, just the last year. I mean, i was one of those seniors that only needed like 3 classes a marking period to graduate with the right amount of credits. Why couldn’t they make Managing Finances a required senior course, or make it available if students wanted it?

Sometimes i think the people in charge don’t even know what’s important to know and they just throw a bunch of bullshit at us to distract from what’s real.

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    I’ve asked this question countless times. Smh.
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    High school is supposed to condition you to be bound by the System. Why would they teach you to be fiscally responsible,...
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    There was a whole section in my AP Econ class on financing and savings. it’s defiantly in the textbooks it’s just...
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    I forget who explained it to me but there is a monopoly on such things. Like learning to do taxes and such, you have to...
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    Because all high schools care about is preparing you for tests that they give and standardized tests. They don’t care...
  14. basedpussyandbuffalowings said: bc that’s some shit you need to learn from real life and your parents/upbringer should be teaching/showing you
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