Splitting Atoms


How much more sensitive can the tip of the penis get?! You’d cum quicker that way, no?



imageimapervert answered your question: Are you foreskin friendly?

I’m cut. I kinda wish I was uncut because I hear those are more sensitive sense the head is covered 99% of the time

I skeptical of that statistic though, how do they measure something like that? Did they find a bunch of adult men who got snipped later in life and ask them if it felt differently now? 

Because I’d wager that cutting off dick skin as an adult is far more damaging to the nerves that when you’re a 2 day old baby.

It’s the same type of “damage”, only much more difficult to recover from because you’re cutting off more. Blood loss is a huge concern in circumcising adults which is the main reason behind performing the operation on newly born infants instead; they recover much easier and faster from the operation.