The name is Gary.

This is a personal blog of mine filled with all my likes and quirks. Anything from food, to anime, to video games, and beautiful women will be posted here.

I track my url so if you'd like me to see a post just tag it as such.

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I do live Hearthstone Arena and League of Legends ranked play, Platinum ELO.


Bout to start a new tag TTT for Top Tier Titties.

This is now a semi-porn, definitely nsfw blog.



terrence howard’s character in the best man is essentially me

as a side note, how you still go thru with the wedding after findin out your girl slept with your best friend?


Because that nigga had done her foul for a loooooooooooooong ass time so he had to swallow that one.

Yeah the thing went down way before him and Mia got really serious. Like he was a young player at the time and he cheated on her countless amounts, which ultimately caused Mia to sleep with Taye Diggs’ character.

Anonymous asked
You're boring on this shit too, so why are you saying it like it's a suprise lol? Jk I love you bae


fuck off weak dick nigga


Every week tryna find a new textin buddy.

It’s like finding good employees that won’t call off every week

What in the fuck is a slim thick?


shout out to the slim thick shawties with the petite titties 

yall be gettin neglected cause when they thicker a nigga comes quicker but i ain’t blind

yall fine and i see it


"slim thick"



if tumblr staff had bad bitches workin in there the functionality of the site would be better cause they know what’s needed on social media since they use it the most i.e

  • mentions feature
  • only mutuals reblog feature

i’m a bad bitch

I ain’t never been a mixed breed. On a diet but I’m doin donuts in a six speed

toriealeksandria yep same here do you have capital one as well? They could be doing like a customer wide increase or something.

My credit card company just increased my limit by $500.

They think they slick…